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Longlife Diesel Green is not just good for your engine. It also reduces environmental impact. Various tests have shown decreased emissions. This has given rise to our Lifetime Emissions Project.

The main aim of the Lifetime Emission Project is to demonstrate emissions reduction through the use of Longlife Diesel Green. Fast, cost-effective and verifiable emissions reduction, which doesn't involve costly conversion or retrofitting, means legal standards can be met and environmental impact reduced.


The project involves
two measurements:

Initial measurement

The first measurement is used to gauge engine emissions prior to use of Longlife Diesel Green. Measurement criteria are based on the E3 cycle.

Second measurement

The second measurement records the change in emission values and is taken after 2000 hours of engine operation using Longlife Diesel Green. Assessment is performed in accordance with EU specifications for diesel engines in the shipping sector.

To ensure reliability and accuracy, certified and calibrated measuring instruments are used.

  • Engine Cummins KTA38-M, 1,000 hp

  • Engine CUMMINS KTA50-M2, 1,700 hp


    The first results
    are convicing:


    The graph shows the results of the first and second measurement of the Danube ship. It can be seen that a further reduction was achieved despite the already low emission values. This reduction can be seen across all the exhaust gas values required. For an engine that is already clean, it enables further improvement to be achieved in exhaust gas emissions.

    By using Longlife Diesel green, emissions can be reduced even in engines that are already efficient. This shows that Longlife Diesel Green has a cleaning and maintenance effect even for engines that are already clean.


    Here we see the specifications and results of the measurement ranges carried out for the Desafio. The legal requirements depend on the engine and its performance. The emission values show reductions throughout. A significant reduction in CO, particulate and NOx emissions can be seen. In the case of the particulate and NOx values, it was even possible to revert to the engine's original pollutant class. Since particulate and NOx emissions were above the limit values before Longlife Diesel Green was used, the engine was unable to comply with the statutory requirements. After Longlife Diesel Green was used, emissions were reduced to permissible limits again.

    The assessment shows a clear improvement in emission values. In the case of particulate and NOx formation, not only have the deposits been removed, but the engine has returned to its original emission standard.

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