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The product:

  • Product type:
    fuel additive concentrate
  • Use for:
    inland and maritime journeys,
    utility vehicles, cars
  • Engines:
    all diesel engines
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Fast fuel combustion, effective injector cleaning.

The Longlife effect

Longlife Diesel Green helps fuel burn more efficiently and cleanly. No more post-combustion deposits left behind in the combustion chamber or valves.

When it comes to servicing your engine, you'll see there is just a thin layer of dust that can be wiped away with a cloth. This is known as the Longlife Effect.

01 - Engine operated without Longlife Diesel

02 - Engine operated with Longlife Diesel

Extend the lifespan of your engine

How does Longlife Diesel help my engine?

What happens in the engine when traditional fuels are used?

Harmful deposits can build up on:

  • (1) Injection nozzles
  • (2) Valves
  • (3) Piston grooves or oil scraper rings
  • (4) Upper dead point of the sleeve
  • (5) Piston crevice

Over time, these deposits can impair engine performance and increase wear and tear.

1 - Injection nozzle

2 - Valve

3 - Piston groove or oil scraper ring

4 - Upper dead point of the sleeve

5 - Piston crevice

  • 1 - Injection nozzle

  • 2 - Valve

  • 3 - Piston groove or oil scraper ring

  • 4 - Upper dead point of the sleeve

  • 5 - Piston crevice

What happens in your engine when you use Longlife Diesel?

  • Harmful deposits are gradually removed.
  • Deposit build-up is prevented.
  • Wear and tear is reduced.
  • After 2,000 hours of use, your engine will emit up to 67% fewer emissions.
  • Oil contamination is reduced.
  • Fuel flow improves.
  • Gasket load is reduced.

Why should I use Longlife Diesel?

Your engine will have fewer technical problems:

  • The engine will last longer and wear will be reduced.
  • The turbocharger will benefit from reduced soot formation and enhanced engine oil performance.
  • The particle filter (if installed) load will be reduced, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Costs for repairs, maintenance and oil will be reduced:

  • Blow-by gases and bore polishing are significantly reduced.
  • Thanks to reduced blow-by gases and more efficient combustion, oil is less stressed and can maintain lubricity over its usage period.
  • Enhanced fuel lubricity and cleaning extend the lifespan of the injectors and fuel pump.

Your engine will have an optimised exhaust balance:

  • Particulate emissions reduced by up to 67%*
  • CO emissions reduced by up to 83%*
  • NOx emissions reduced by up to 30%*

  • *Results of emissions testing for inland navigation.

Did you know?

Longlife Diesel Green is based on our successful Longlife Diesel Pure. Using optimised active ingredients, we have enhanced cleaning performance, so that the injectors are cleaned more efficiently. In addition, its new formula makes Longlife Diesel Green easier and safer to handle. Longlife Diesel Green is no longer a hazardous good.

Longlife Diesel Green FAQs:

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