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fuel system flushing

The fuel system flush cleans the diesel injection system. It removes deposits from injection nozzles and combustion chambers.

Combatting poor vaporisation in injection nozzles

Engine sooting is often a consequence of contamination of the injection nozzles. In order to remove soot, expensive injection nozzles are often replaced or repaired at considerable expense. But with Lifetime fuel system flushing, you can clean the injection pump and nozzles in just a few minutes and restore previous functionality.

The product

  • Product type:
    Fuel system cleaner
  • Areas of application:
    inland and maritime shipping, commercial vehicles, cars
  • Engines:
    diesel engines

to be used only by trained personnel.

Injection nozzle with existing coking

Injection nozzle with coking removed


  • Reduction of turbidity in exhaust gas.
  • Quieter engine running.
  • Less fuel consumption.
  • Increase in engine power.

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