Lifetime Cleaner
Automatic Transmission Cleaner

This cleaner for the regeneration of automatic transmissions removes deposits and varnish in the entire automatic transmission system.

Regeneration of
automatic transmission systems 

As a vehicle gets older, it suffers from an increasing number of shifting jolts and leakages. Hydraulic oils are exposed to high levels of pressure and heat that cause the formation of varnish throughout the entire system. This varnish prevents transmission oil from reaching seals, diaphragms and plastics.

The resulting problems are:

  • leakage,
  • increased wear,
  • the early failure of the transmission system.

The product:

  • Product type:
    automatic transmission cleaner
  • Areas of application:
    commercial vehicles, passenger cars
  • Engines:
    gasoline and diesel engines
Please note:

This product should only be used by trained professionals.

A quick and cost-effective alternative
compared to expensive and complex repair work

Up until now, the only way to remove these deposits was to completely overhaul the automatic transmission system.

The Lifetime Automatic Transmission Cleaner now offers an alternative solution by using a special process to enable the regeneration of transmissions and thus giving them a longer lifespan.

Stay up-to-date.

Extend your engine's lifespan


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