Our Philosophy

Reliable, fuel-efficient and low-emission engines
– across their entire lifespans.

Lifetime Technologies GmbH is committed to maintaining the efficiency and operational readiness of engines across their entire lifespan. To this end, we develop solutions that optimise performance, fuel consumption and environmental compatibility, thereby ensuring long and powerful engine life.

Adding value for our customers.

Our quality products are highly effective, easy-to-use additives. Our aim is to be the leading supplier of innovative products, specialty chemicals and chemical solutions in the markets in which we operate. And to create genuine added value for our customers.

We understand the challenges our customers face on a daily basis. By knowing our customers' needs, we can leverage our expertise to create tailored product and service solutions.


Lifetime Technologies is committed to maintaining the efficiency and operational readiness of engines throughout their lifespans.

  • Beginnings

    Lifetime Technologies began in 1992 with the development of our unique engine flushing system, which removes deposits from the interior of engines in just a few minutes, and leaves engines in a near-new condition. In addition, we have created rinses for automatic transmissions, fuel systems and catalytic converters that achieve similar effects. Result? Engines as good as new.
  • Lifetime CS System

    The Lifetime CS System grew out of our focus on the needs of our customers. It's a unique maintenance system that allows even problem engines – for which complete repair would not be cost effective – to be repaired at reasonable cost. But new engines too can benefit from the Lifetime CS system. The engine can be maintained in optimum condition for as long as possible and wear and tear can be minimised right from the start.
  • Longlife Diesel

    Our partners offer Longlife Diesel, a diesel fuel to which our ready-to-use Longlife Diesel Pure concentrate has been added. This not only optimises combustion and exhaust balance but also reduces fuel consumption. This premium fuel is fully compliant with EN 590. Our customers can therefore benefit from the Longlife Diesel Pure additive without any extra effort.
  • Longlife Diesel Green


    Our Longlife Diesel Pure additive concentrate took five years to develop and test.
    And our new Longlife Diesel Green has been available at bunker stations since April 2018.

Stay up-to-date.

Extend your engine's lifespan


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